The Good, Bad and the Ugly

The Good the Bad and the Ugly Hi everyone! This is a project/game my professor came up with when I was in college. It is a lot of fun seeing everyone’s different pics on the Good Bad and Ugly plants they see when they are out and about. There are no rules to this game. If you see a tree or plant that is pruned incorrectly, damaged by a storm or just looking funny this would be something I would post. I will be posting this with pictures here and on my forum. Here is an example of a ‘Good Tree’. It has a nice shape and enough branches hang down to shade the trunk in the summer.

This next pic is an example of a ”Bad tree”! Ha Ha this is just wrong to trim trees like this. I know they do not want their building sign covered. ¬†Why even plant these trees?

This is an ”Ugly tree” this is so funny. What an ugly way to trim a tree!

More to come!!! Landscaping in Mesa and Gilbert Arizona

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